Recoveries and Litigation

When internal remainders and amicable recovery do not result in the settlement of your receivables, we will assist you in quickly assessing your case and implementing the appropriate measures.

Our recovery experience is available to our commercial and e-commerce clients for preparing their formal notifications, and then proceeding with the judicial recovery of their receivables before the relevant courts.

As we understand that it is essential for you to preserve the commercial relationship with your debtor, we recommend you take targeted and proportionate actions.

Our commitment is to safeguarding your rights and obtaining on your behalf the proper remuneration for the services you have provided.

As plaintiff, we will collect from you any documents likely to provide proof of your rights and we will handle the preparation of the legal proceedings for filing your claim before the courts.

We then proceed with the issuance of the summons that we have prepared through a court official and we represent you in the various hearings, until a ruling is made.

We will assist you in the court of appeal where the need arises, as well as during the developments in court at each instance (expert testimony, incidents).

Since an unenforced decision is a dead letter, we will ensure that your case is followed up in close relation with the officer of the court responsible for enforcement.

As defendant, in the context of a legal challenge, court case or claim filed against you, we will help you to take the appropriate response for the resolution of the dispute, whether by judicial or amicable means.

We study your files along with the claims of the opposing party before making our analysis and submitting our proposals for response.

We will defend you before the relevant courts and pursue case proceedings to the pleadings stage at trial or on appeal.

Nous nous tenons à votre disposition pour établir un devis.

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