IT and New Technologies Legal advice and assistance for innovative companies and service providers for new technologies


Our expertise in IT and New Technologies enables us to help and to guide our clients in this sector where necessary in realising their external growth and assignment operations.

Following an initial analysis meeting, we identify our client’s objectives and problem issues with them, then we proceed on this basis to a targeted estimation of the steps to follow and time-frame for the operation, and we implement the mission statement in the context of the related legal budget.

We accompany our clients from the analysis and audit of operating contracts and IT contracts (licences or project management, partnerships and distribution) copyright and trademarks and patents, employment contracts, leases and more generally the legal audit of the target or the company to be assigned.

We then negotiate and write up the deeds for sale or purchase of securities, funds, guarantees and agreements, and we help our clients during signing. We carry out the procedures they are required to complete, including the possible escrow of funds, with the possible participation of the Paris Bar Association escrow fund.

Vous souhaitez être assistés afin de préserver vos intérêts commerciaux sans freiner votre dynamisme propre aux secteurs des nouvelles technologies; nous serons vos partenaires dans le développement de vos activités.

Nous nous tenons à votre disposition pour établir un devis.

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