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We offer our commercial and e-commerce clients our expertise in employment law.

Employment contract and changes: When producing work or employment contracts, we will be available to prepare special work contract clauses for you, including remuneration or target-related clauses, non-compete and non-solicitation clauses, sales representative clauses, and copyright or mobility clauses.

Employee illness: We are here to assist you in handling contract suspension, status and replacement of sick employees, in compliance with regulations, and we also offer our experience relating to incapacity and the binding, scalable procedures to be followed.

Contract transfer: We prepare for all consolidation or takeover operations, to enable you to control the destiny of related employment contracts. Our preliminary assessment service is able to help and you can rely on our support throughout the operation.

Breach of contract: We are here to help advise you on the most appropriate mode of termination or on how to handle any termination that you may suffer, whether in the form of resignation, notification of termination, breach of contract, disciplinary dismissal or otherwise and redundancies. We advise you, prepare the legal proceedings and provide follow-up. We also negotiate and assist you in settling any potential transactions.

We offer our legal expertise to help you face the day-to-day challenges of owning a business.

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