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Corporate housekeeping Services

We provide our commercial and e-commerce clients with the necessary legal secretarial services for their business activity: incorporation of commercial companies, preparation of all legal proceedings for ordinary and extraordinary general shareholder decisions, and in handling formal procedures (registry, publication in legal bulletins, BODACC, Registry and CFE).

We handle:

– the incorporation of the company (querying the availability of the company name and the domain name, writing up articles of incorporation and partnership agreements, and formal procedures for registering the business);

– the annual ordinary general shareholders meetings (notices, reports, articles, attendance sheets, powers and legal authorisations);

exceptional and growth operations (sales, assignments and authorisations for collateral calls and pledging guarantees).

We work in close relation with your accounting advisor and internal services.

We are at your disposal for handling all of your annual obligations in complying with statutory calendars.

We offer our legal expertise to help you face the day-to-day challenges of owning a business.

Nous nous tenons à votre disposition pour établir un devis.

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