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Contracts and General Terms and Conditions

Our expertise in this business sector means we can prepare all of the necessary legal documents required by our commercial and e-commerce clients: general terms and conditions, partnership contracts and distribution contracts.

Our clients entrust us with the careful preparation of general terms and conditions that are adapted to their products and services, and to their client base as well.

This contractual base is established with them and specifically for them in a way that offsets any legal weaknesses found.

We are fully committed to supporting the development of our clients through protective and flexible actions that will be a source of growth, which will never inhibit their business or create pointless legal formalities.

We also work alongside our clients in negotiating partnership and distribution contracts. Together we identify the objectives and the margins for negotiation.

On their behalf, we write up legal documents that are scalable and in sync with their development.

We stand alongside our web-service provider clients in writing up and revising their service contracts.

Running a complex website development project is a good reason for preparing a detailed contract in such a way that will serve the client’s interests, while ensuring the protection of the agency.

The objective is a balanced contract that places the clients at the centre of the system and makes them responsible in the clear shared interests of the success of the project.

We offer our legal expertise to help you face the day-to-day challenges of owning a business.

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